Informace o nás 

The main activity of our company is focused on independent, the most fundamental destructive laboratory tests of structural materials as steel and non-ferrous metals, including weld joints. For these fields, the company obtained the first accreditation in 2000, according to EN 45001. Since 2005 we are accredited by Czech Accreditation institute in accordance with ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025 as

The company Materiálové laboratoře Chomutov s.r.o. (abbreviated MTL) was established in Mai 1993 and since January 1994 ensured material testing on the foundation of the metallurgical laboratory in rolling mill in Chomutov. MTL continued the long tradition of these laboratories, which dates from first seamless tube in Mannesmann plant in 1890 and since 1975 was developing with regard to the production of tubes for nuclear power.

The company maintains and modernizes laboratory equipments, updates testing procedures and expands areas of testing. We implemented procedures for testing duplex steel, for testing welds and fasteners. We are introducing tests for welded joints of plastic.

An integral part of laboratory is sample preparation workshop. The workshop is focused more on the individual production, which allow us to prepare samples of materials of various dimensions and shapes.