Tests of fasteners 

The fasteners group includes bolts, screws, studs, nuts, washers, but also pins, spring washer, etc. The most commonly standards about properties and testing of fasteners are as follows (abbreviated title):

We offer a sample form to requirements of tests of fasteners. The form includes the requirements for testing fasteners of carbon and stainless steel, and with minor variation to the specific products almost covers the entire range of tests. It can be a guide to identify the samples and specify tests. The data in the form header will be written to test report.

Basic information about the mechanical properties of bolts, studs and screws made of carbon and alloyed steel provides a tensile test on the machined specimens: yield point, elongation and ultimate strength, which directly determines property class. Correct test requires a sufficient length of test piece. For shorter samples can be replaced by a test on finishes pieces and completed by proof load test or by torsional test.

On fasteners of higher classes from class 8.8 are tested carburization and decarburization whether there has been degradation of the surface during finishing.

According to the purpose of use, the impact test may be required.

To specify the tests and number of the test samples, we recommend contacting our specialists.

The price of the tests of fasteners is based on our valid price list.