Tensile tests 

Tensile test laboratory is equipped with hydraulic test machine WPM and electro-mechanical machine INSTRON and INSPEKT. Capacities of these machines are 1000 kN, 400 kN, 300 kN and 10 kN.

Tensile tests are based on two procedures:

The standards specify requirements for test equipment, types of test specimens and testing procedures. For some cases, the laboratory also refers to the relevant specific standards. In the fiels of tensile test we include also test of torque force (torsion test).

List of test procedures, for which the laboratory is accredited, see Appendix to certificate of accreditation.

The tensile test are performed either on full section specimens (e.g. tubes, wires and rods of smaller dimensions) or on machined specimens of segment type cross-section, rectangular and round type cross-section. The length of the test specimen must correspond to the cross-section dimension. If there is enough material, so the sample length 300 mm in the test direction will be sufficient for most applications.

To specify the tests, dimensions and number of the test samples, we recommend contacting our specialists.