Spectrometric tests 

The laboratory is equipped with an automatic optical emission spectrometer SPECTRPLAB X7 from Spectro. The device is suitable for the analysis of material from the surface of bulk sample. Small samples, fragments or chips we can prepare to bulk sample on device with centrifugal casting process in protective atmosphere.

The spectrometer is equipped with analytical lines detector and software for the following tests:

List of analytical programs for which the laboratory is accredited, see Appendix to certificate of accreditation.

For optimal analysis the sample should form a continuous planar surface about the size of inscribed circle diameter about 20 mm at least. The smaller sample is possible to mask by BN annulus. For clarification contact our specialist.

The remelting of small samples requires a charge 25 g at least.

For analysis of welding materials deliver the deposit overlay in accordance to ISO 6847.