Corrosion tests 

The corrosion lab is equipped with extractor hoods and two heating plates CERAN, flasks and coolers according to standards for the tests in boiling corrosive solution. It is also equipped with tempered water bath GRANT especially for pitting corrosion tests. An integral part of the corrosion lab are SARTORIUS and METLER analytical balances.

The activity of the laboratory includes the following areas of testing:

List of test procedures, for which the laboratory is accredited, see Appendix to certificate of accreditation.

For some material grades and testing methods the conditions of test are listed in related standards. It is not the case, the test condition must specify the customer.

If the test result is the statement acceptable - unacceptable based on standard defined test condition for specific material grade, the sample must be declared as this grade. For example in certificate is often given common material grade 304/304L, but the test conditions are different (sensitizing heat treatment).

Stamped or sparking marks should not be placed on the sample surface that will be used for manufacturing test specimens and for testing.

To specify the tests and dimensions of the test samples, we recommend contacting our specialists.