Tests of metallurgical products 

Metallurgical products are distinguished mainly by its shape, material and purpose of use. A complete overview of metallurgical products can be found in standard EN 10079. Usually we see the following:

The requirements for material properties and testing of metallurgical products are listed in the technical specification as national and international standards, but also as special specification e.g. for nuclear power industry, automotive industry, shipbuilding, etc. The most commonly used standards for metallurgical products are as follow (abbreviated title):

Due to the diverse range of types of metallurgical products of steel and non-ferrous materials is suitable to use universal form to requirements of tests. The data in the form header will be written to the test report. The accreditation of our laboratory covers all the basic tests of the material properties.

The size of the test samples delivered to the laboratory shall correspond to the required tests and dimension of test specimens. To specify the tests, number and dimension of test samples we recommend to contact our specialist.

The price of the tests of metallurgical products is based on our valid price list.