Metallographic tests 

The laboratory is equipped with metallographic microscope Olympus PME3, stereomicroscopes Cal-Zeiss and older metallographic microscope Neophot. All photo documentation is digitalized and photos are printed on high-quality inkjet printer XEROX. For the preparation of metallographic microsections we use equipment and consumables companies Struers and Buehler.

The activity of the laboratory includes the following areas of testing:

List of test procedures, for which the laboratory is accredited, see Appendix to certificateof accreditation.

Microscopic tests are based on mounting and preparing microsection, which is then evaluated by microscope. We distinguish evaluation simpler as descriptive or comparative evaluation, and more demanding, based on measurement and calculation. The example of more demanding evaluation is determining non-metallic inclusion according DIN, method K. According this principle is constructed our price list for metallographic tests. Test methods using metallographic evaluation are very diverse and full implementation to them price list would be confusing and did not cover all possibilities of the laboratory. The price list of our laboratory is therefore not suitable as a guide for ordering metallographic tests and to specify the tests we recommend contacting our specialists.